Ditidaht Dictionary

Acknowledgements. The words in this dictionary were provided by the Ditidaht elders Ernie Chester, Jimmy Chester, Christine Edgar, Robert Joseph Junior, Dorothy Shepherd, Fran Tate, Amelia Thompson, Elmer Thompson, Mike Thompson, and Bernice Touchie. The work is also informed by the personal knowledge and research of Robert Durocher, Cyril Edgar, Deborah Jeffrey, Pat Patterson, and Sarah Tom. The dictionary was compiled by Adam Werle, based on his Ditidaht-English wordlist (2008-2020).

Online version. The online version of the dictionary was programmed by Victor Temprano, using search code by Aidan Pine of mothertongues.org, and overseen by Dave Mason.

Spelling. This version of the dictionary uses R2 spelling (ʔb ʔd ʔl ʔm ʔn ʔw ʔy).

Bibliography. The following bibliographic entries are suggested for references to (1) Adam's DSP wordlist, and (2) the online dictionary.

(1) Adam Werle, ed. 2008-2020. Ditidaht-English wordlist. Ditidaht Studies Program ms.

(2) Ditidaht Studies Program. 2020. waač̓akc̓uuʔyk: Ditidaht Dictionary. ditidahtdictionary.com